With a little practice, it is possible to start seeing auras. There are a couple of exercises below to assist you on your path or learning. To see an aura, just relax. Let yourself relax into a soft focus as you would do if you were daydreaming.
Before you start, focus your eyes upon a white or light-coloured wall. Let your eyes go into a haze. Have someone put a piece of coloured cardboard on the wall and hold it there for a short while and then take it away. You will need to do this exercise with a range of coloured cardboard, using one colour at a time including green, blue, yellow, red, orange, purple.
Make up some black and white cards and focus on them. You will need a dim light and plain white cardboard. It must be enough to allow your hand to sit on it. Put your hand in front of you about a foot away with the other hand holding the cardboard behind the other hand. Now softly focus your eyes upon your hand and light colours will appear. Your eyes may go hazy.
Another exercise involves placing one's hand in a large bowl or bucket of warm water. The bowl should be either white or black. Let your eyes go into a haze as you gaze in the direction of your hand.

Meanings of the colours in a person's aura:

  • Yellow: intellectual qualities
  • Blue: peace
  • Green: healing qualities
  • Red: aggravation, pain, sexuality
  • Purple: spiritual qualities
  • Orange: eccentricity
  • Black: dark side to the personality
  • White: purity
  • Gray: sickness
  • Brown: sickness
A muddiness to the colours generally indicates there is something physically wrong with the chakra and body part associated with that colour.
Copyright Gloria Taylor and Alison Moroney 2000