automatic writing
You have to be a truly spiritual person for the spirits to come and work through you. A place must also be prepared before you start, and you also need to put yourself into the right disposition. It should also be kept in mind that beginners often take time and practice to develop, so patience is required until a time when the writing starts to make sense.

Automatic writing can come in two different ways. One way is to take the pen in your hand and allow spirit to tell you what to write. The other way is to allow the pen to move of its own accord, with you just holding it upright. You need a very clear mind so as not to interfere with the flow of words from spirit, whether they relay the message and you write it down, or you give them control of the writing medium.

It is important to properly prepare yourself and a place before you start. Set up a table where you will be writing, placing a lit candle in the left corner and a Cross in the right corner. This should be set up in a very quiet place where you can attune yourself with the universe and spirit. It is easier to attune yourself if you have a loud clock ticking or something similar, such as a metronome. This helps with the vibration of automatic writing.

Settle yourself into a comfortable position. Beginners can choose to focus on the candle and listen to the ticking of the clock. This then allows you to go into the dome of mystical Rome.

Gloria Taylor 2002