The cosmic energy of light comes through the body along the spine centre, to the chakras. Human beings have seven bodies of consciousness matching the seven major rays of light and the seven chakras. They are:

1. Violet is the colour of the crown chakra, coinciding with the pineal body. There are no planetary bodies associated with this chakra as it is considered outside the system. It is the realm of the 1000 petalled lotus, as spoken of in the Vedas.

2. Ajna Chakra. Indigo is the colour of the chakra associated with the third eye, coincident with the pituitary gland. The Sun and Moon are associated with it, as are the signs which they rule: Leo and Cancer. In Ancient Egypt, the Sun and Moon were considered to be the right and left eyes of their god, Horus. Vedic astrology also associates the Sun and Moon with the right and left eyes.

3. Blue is the next chakra, associated with the thyroid gland and neck region. The planet Mercury rules speech and is appropriately associated with the throat chakra. Gemini and Virgo are also associated with this chakra through Mercury.

4. Green is the colour of the fourth chakra from the base of the spine, coinciding with the heart region and thymus gland. Venus rules this chakra belonging to the heart center, appropriately relating to love and affections. The zodiacal signs of Taurus and Libra are associated with this chakra by virtue of association with Venus, their ruler.

5. Yellow is the colour of the third chakra from the base of the spine. Mars rules the naval center, and relates to energy levels and passion. This chakra is also associated with Mars' signs: Aries and Scorpio.

6. Orange is the colour of the second chakra from the base of the spine. Jupiter rules this chakra, which is also associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

7. Red is the colour of the physical body and is associated with the base chakra. Saturn and its signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, rule this chakra.

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