colour light therapy

Colour Light Therapy can supplement traditional medical treatment by balancing the aura. The colour of the healing rays restores balance to the chakras and aids in recovery, in much the same way as medicine works. To treat sickness or problems, the right coloured light must be used by application of different coloured lamps or light bulbs. Treatment should be by means of light over the entire body or directly on the specific chakra associated with the problem. Treatment on a specific chakra should never be longer than 5 - 10 minutes.

The RED ray stimulates the physical body, enhances circulation, invigorating the nerves and muscles, whilst stimulating the skin glands.

The ORANGE ray strengthens the etheric body, promotes cheerfulness and feelings of well-being. It is good for those suffering problems with asthma, other lung problems, gallstones, diabetes.

The YELLOW ray is an extremely powerful ray and is the ray of wisdom. It stimulates the nerves and brain; and can also be used for problems with the liver, bowels, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, as a laxative and in the treatment of headaches.

GREEN is the colour of Nature and this colour strengthens and relaxes the body and mind. It is good for the treatment of nervous disorders, sleeplessness, stomach problems, blood pressure, weariness and for assisting tissue repair. It is especially good for people who lack vitality.

The BLUE ray is that of Truth. It cleanses, brings peace to the mind, and acts as a tonic for sore throats, colic and rheumatism. Cuts and burns also benefit from this colour.

VIOLET and INDIGO are rays of power. Violet acts specifically on the heart, lungs, glands, blood vessels and ears. Violet removes blemishes, revitalises the skin and kills germs. Over exposition to this colour can lead to depression. Violet assists in the reduction of bleeding.

Copyright Gloria Taylor and Alison Moroney 2000