gem colour therapy
Gem therapy is similar to colour therapy. The gems represent the different planetary influences and can be strengthened through wearing these gems as jewellery. They usually function best as rings, but can be worn as pendants or in other forms. Care should be taken not to strengthen a particular energy ray when there is malefic potential present, as indicated in the contra-indications.

Sun: Ruby or Garnet, set in Gold.

RubyPoor self-esteem, weak will, fear of people, depression, eye diseases, heart and circulation problems, loss of vitality, aenemia, poor functioning of organs, nervous system disorders, edema, poor appetite.

Contra-indications: Excessive pride, vanity, ego, megalomania, ruthless ambition, fever, bleeding, ulcers, hypertension, infectious diseases.

Moon : Pearl or Moonstone, set in Silver.

PearlEmotional problems, aenemia, dehydration, weight disorders, dry skin, fertility problems (female), menstrual disorders (female), lung and kidney problems, constipation.

Contra-indications: Excessive emotionalism, sentimentality, greed, overweight, congestion, edema.

Mercury: Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Green Zircon, Green Tourmaline, Greenstone, set in Gold.

EmeraldLow intelligence, communication problems, speech defects, impulsiveness, poor memory, addictions, mental disorders, nervous troubles, palpitations, allergies, anxiety, lungs.

Venus: Diamond, Clear Zircon, Quartz Crystal set in Yellow or White Gold.

DiamondCoarseness, lack of refinement, absence of love or beauty, excessive aggression, insensitivity, problems with kidneys, bladder, reproductive system, energy levels, immunity, epilepsy.

Contra-indications: Excessive sex drive, strong self indulgent streak.

Mars: Red Coral, Pink Coral or Carnelian, set in Silver or Rose Gold.

CarnelianDomination by others, inhibited expression of appropriate anger, fear, lack of energy and drive, disorders of liver, bowels, spleen, blood, muscular, immune system, poor appetite and associated low weight, poor sexual function (males), excessive bleeding.

Contra-indications: A personality who is usually argumentative, willful, aggressive, angry. Excessive sex drive, fever, infection, bleeding, ulcers.

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Zircon set in Gold.

TopazPessimism, depression, anxiety, moodiness, weak will, lack of trust or compassion, poor immune system, low vitality, pancreatic or liver disorders, glandular disorders, problems with the nervous system, chronic disorders, poor body weight.

Saturn: Blue Sapphire, Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine,Amethyst, Malachite set in Gold.

AquamarineAgitation, stress related conditions at the physical or psychological levels, intimidation, vulnerability, unrealistic attitude, rheumatism, skin disorders and diseases, bone disorders, poor vitality, nervous disorders, poor immunity, constipation, paralysis, epilepsy, cancer.

Contra-indications: A nature which is cold, possessive, calculating, proud, manipulative and selfish.

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