The practice of magic is not inherently evil or destructive, but draws upon the natural energies of the universe, not from Satan. Magic is merely a tool and is not "good" or "evil" in itself. The manner in which it is used determines whether it is black or white magic. One can judge for oneself as to whether magic is good or evil by its consequences, just as one can judge whether a tree is good or bad by the fruit which it bears. A word of caution: one should never delve into the dark side of the force.

Under whatever name, witches and folk magicians, through timeless rituals, only draw upon natural energies found within the earth. We will tell you how a spell is cast, what a pentacle is, the difference between ritual, folk and ceremonial magic and more. In one sense we all know there's nothing new under the Sun.

Folk magic and Wicca, known to the outside world as witchcraft, was another form of religion and a way of life. Folk magic is just the magic of the people. Wicca, reveres the feminine side of the Divine godhead, the goddess, whereas traditional western religions place greater emphasis on the masculine side of the godhead. To a certain extent, Christianity also places some emphasis on the feminine side of the godhead through reverence of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The duality of nature, including the feminine and masculine nature of the godhead, is inherent in all things, something which is also recognised in Qaballah. This duality is as natural as positive and negative, darkness and light and is fundamental to life, as is nature’s inherent process of balancing the two polarities. Wiccans are men and women of different professional and cultural backgrounds, with religious upbringings. The goddess for Wiccans is the only religion that links the deity and love.

Every day makes a new world. We are now in a New Age where there is a major change in consciousness. We are learning about the power we possess and how to use it. Our subconscious builds the power of magic within our workshop [body]; and it is only a matter of recognising it and learning how to bring it forth into manifestation. Ritual focuses this energy and power, giving it direction. We can use herbs, music, stones and words. Magical ritual is as normal as sleeping and is part of daily life. Through timeless rituals the energies have created positive change.

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