To meditate correctly, you must breathe properly. This is very important. You also need to be in a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone. This is especially important in an age where the ring of a telephone is intrusive.

Sit in a comfortable chair and relax, with your feet resting on the ground. Close your eyes and visualise a gold sphere of light all around you, permeating you. This is important for spiritual protection, allowing only spirits of the right vibration to come through.

Breathe deeply and slowly, three times in and three times out. Very slowly, lift your hands to a height equal to the top of the head, then slowly bring them down to rest on your knees, palms facing up.

As you are breathing in, feel the vibration coming in from the ground through your feet. As your breathing continues, you will feel this energy continue up to the knees, then the thighs, onto the waist, then to the chest. Feel this energy travel down the arms to the fingertips. Take a very deep breath and allow the energy to go up the spine to the head, touching the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Relax and breathe deeply.

As you breathe in and out, visualise inhaling a green colour and exhaling a smoky dirty colour: this cleanses the body and aura. As you exhale, you breathe out all the negative forces and the strife you've had during the day.

Stay in this relaxed state as long as you feel comfortable. When you feel like coming out of it, breathe very deeply and blow out, three times. Rouse yourself by stretching, extending out your arms and bringing them around in front of you. Put your palms together and bring them together under your nose, lowering them to a position under your chin. Bow your head in thanks to the universe.

Gloria Taylor 2002