john bannister NUMEROLOGY reveals the blueprint of your life. An exact science, it reveals all God's creation to specific mathematical order and sequence. We know the law of mathematics is the only accepted proof of any science, theory or philosophy. Everything must be reduced to figures to be proven and understood. Mathematics is immutable.

For centuries, sages have urged us to "know thyself", and wise men of every culture have used the Science of Numerology to this end. Pythagoras (600 B.C.) presented the philosophy of one Substance from which all things, emanated, including man; and of which the Numerals 1 to 9 were symbols capable of scientific interpretation.

Without numbers there could be no civilisation, for numbers are the foundation upon which man has built his concepts of time, space, money, chemistry, physics, ad-infinitum. Philalaus,the ancient Greek philosopher, said "All things which can be known, have number. It is not possible that without number, anything can be conceived!"

Therefore, the language of number is universal and from it the alphabet has evolved. Every letter has its own value and meaning which denotes its speed of vibration. Consequently, a name is a combination of sounds that can be expressed in numbers, and each number has its own 'keynote'.

How do we know that keynotes differ? Because we find that the individual expresses the characteristic of the keynote through which the name works. This is a fixed law, authenticating numerology as a science.

Through the science of numbers, relating people's birth dates, vowels and consonants of their names, they can find the answer to the questions:
"Why am I here?"
"Where am I going?"
"What are my talents?" and
"What am I to do?"

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