Psychometry allows the vibration to be picked up from an object by a medium or developing medium. The pictures that form in the mind come from holding or touching an object, which gives you a very clear picture or impression. The best objects to use are watches or jewellery worn by the person having a reading, or a flower picked by that person. Visitors to spiritual churches will often see flower readings used, as this method is an easy way to start developing psychometric skills.

The best way to get results is to sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes, with the object in your hand. Place a gold circle of light around you for protection, ensuring you only draw on the higher vibration. When you close your eyes, take three deep breaths and allow yourself to drift with your thought on that object. As your thought goes into that object, you then begin to see the pictures forming very clearly. You must voice this vibration as the picture forms in the third eye or, as we call it, the black cube. You must speak out loud, voicing what you see, feel or hear. If you do not speak out, you will block the flow of energy and the reading. Obviously the more you practice, the more competent you will become.

Psychic ability can be compared to a developing muscle: you must use it to develop and maintain it. Overhead readings are just an extension of psychometry and, as you build on your psychic ability, you will eventually not need to touch the object to see, hear and feel these impressions.

© Gloria Taylor 2002