Don't walk under a ladder (bad luck).
If someone gives you a bunch of red flowers, this is a good omen.
If the palm of your right hand itches then money is coming your way.
If the palm of your left hand itches then money is going out.
If your right ear itches then someone is speaking well of you.
If your left ear itches then someone is speaking ill of you.
If your right eye itches, there is a very pleasant surprise awaiting you.
If your left eye itches, there is disappointment ahead of you.
If your nose itches you will be vexed.
If your eyebrows itch, expect visitors.
If your soles ar itchy you will be treading on strange ground.
It is bad luck to look back at your house as you are leaving on a journey.
If you have to go back to your house after you have left it, sit down and count up to ten.
Never put a love letter in your lover's left hand: the love will come to an end.
It is unlucky to bring white lilies into your home.
Lilies of the valley in your garden bring misfortune.
A bunch of lilies of the valley to a friend will destroy a friendship.
It is good luck to cross your forefingers.
Ladies, if you get a piece of wedding cake and put it under your pillow that night, you will dream of the man you will marry.
Don't borrow money on February 1, 2, 3, as you may be unable to pay it back.
Don't lend money on March 29, 30, 31.
A broken mirror brings seven years bad luck.
When you spill salt you should take a pinch of it and throw it over your left shoulder.
When you spill sugar you should dab a bit on your finger and put it in your mouth to catch the happiness.
The Full Moon brings on moods of rage and madness in some people.
Children born when there is a Full Moon have health problems.
After eating in someone's home, do not fold your napkin. Leave it crumpled by your plate, otherwise you will never eat there again.
If a sick person is in bed and there is a knock on the bedroom wall at the bed head it is a bad omen for a relation: death.
A wild bird coming into the house of its own accord is an omen of death.
Bees or wasps as around the door is an indication of wealth.
Women planting parsley can soon expect a child.
Purses are usually given or purchased with a coin within to ensure that you'll never be broke.
Don't give scissors of knives to a friend because is is unlucky. An exchange of a small coin will prevent damage to the relationship.
Never give a broach or pins as it stabs a friendship.
It is unlucky to make your own wedding dress.
Wishbone of a chicken, broken with a friend brings the wish to fulfillment. Neither must never speak of the wish.
A christening should never be the first thing to take place in a new church as it will be unlucky.
Don't be the first person to go over a new bridge: it can be a bad omen.
Coal brings good luck to you.
To attract good luck, make the sign of the cross with your second finger on your right shoulder.
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